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Changzhou Qishuyan developed high-cold EMU gear box to help China's high-speed rail

发布时间:2017-03-22 22:55:39

Recently, by China's car company Qishuyan independent research and development of the CRH380B high-cold EMU gearbox through the 300,000 km operating assessment, which marks the high-speed EMU gear drive device Independent research and development and then a major breakthrough for China's high-speed rail to go out to add a new weight.

CRH380B high-cold EMU by the China Railway Corporation Changchun Railway Bus Co., Ltd. developed, mainly in the Kazakhstan high-speed passenger special, according to the last 30 years of weather records, the three northeastern provinces in winter extreme minimum temperature of minus 40 ℃, Temperature difference of 80 ℃, is China's coldest, but also the largest temperature difference between the region. Low temperature for high-speed rail gear box is a severe test, and even lead to increased axial temperature, bearing failure and other serious consequences, resulting in traffic safety hazards, after the high-cold EMU gear box technology has been monopoly of German companies. Qishuyan to deal with the harsh operating environment, the high-altitude EMU gearbox designed specifically for the optimization and simulation analysis, the use of low temperature performance more excellent gear and box materials to ensure that the bearing in the low temperature conditions of reliability. After nine months of the operation of the line assessment, by the China Railway Inspection and Certification Center, Iron Institute Institute of gold, Shenyang Railway Bureau, Changchun Railway Bus Co., Ltd. and other units of the team has been identified: domestic high-cold gear box in good condition , To meet the line operating requirements.

It is reported that Qishuyan is the only high-speed rail gear transmission production suppliers, as of now, Qishuyan has covered high-speed EMU alpine, non-alpine two areas, with 160-380 km / h speed of each high-speed EMU gearbox Innovation system and design, production innovation platform, the establishment of a complete test verification system, has produced various types of high-speed rail gear box more than 14,000 sets.

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